Eastchester Heights

Address: 3480 Seymour Avenue, Bronx, NY
Submarket: Eastchester
Size: 1,100,000 square feet, 1,416 residential units
Type: Multifamily
Date Acquired: March 2007
Date Sold: Currently owned by Taconic
Property Website: eastchesterheights.com

Taconic acquired Eastchester Heights, an apartment complex located on five city blocks in the Bronx, New York, in an off-market transaction. Its 114 individual buildings form six larger clusters with courtyards, a playground area, and a small parking lot. The buildings were constructed in 1934 and consist of 1,416 apartments. Recognizing the opportunity to create additional value, we completed improvements to landscaping, building entrances, and hallways. Today, Eastchester Heights is widely regarded as the prime complex in its neighborhood.