Tenement Museum Salutes Essex Crossing

The roots of many New Yorkers’ families began in Lower East Side tenements and the neighborhood played an influential role in defining the cultural fabric of New York City. Essex Crossing is proud to honor the area’s rich history and to be part of defining a bright future for this important neighborhood.
Video courtesy of the Lower East Side Tenement Museum 2014


The Meatpacking District: Past, Present, Future

Through collaborations between activists, developers, visionaries, neighbors, and institutions, Manhattan’s once-gritty slaughterhouse district has transformed into a vibrant cultural center marked by galleries, shopping, restaurants, nightlife, hotels, offices and repurposed industrial spaces.
Video courtesy of the Meatpacking Improvement Association, Inc. 2012


Welcome to 837 Washington

Take a visual tour of an unprecedented commercial and retail redevelopment project marked by stunning architecture and outdoor spaces in the heart of the highly sought-after Meatpacking District.


837 Washington Timelapse

Watch as an ordinary street corner becomes the foundation of one of New York’s most unique new buildings.


837 Washington Sunset

As daylight gives way to night, the construction site at 837 Washington becomes a digital canvass with a light show visible to pedestrians strolling along the street and the adjacent High Line.


The Sterling Mason

Explore the innovative concept of blending old and new through the restoration of a historic brick and terra cotta building and the creation of its metallic inspired mirror image.


Chelsea Cinderella at 15 Little West 12th Street

A multi-level, animated art installation at 15 Little West 12th Street in the Meatpacking District harnesses imagination and technology to celebrate the magic and possibilities of life in New York.